An engineering marvel

Northern Europe’s largest and most spectacular aquarium sums, sparkles and flows with life. 7,000,000 liters of water flowing through the building in constant circulation between filters, pumps, installations and The Sound/Øresund. What does it really mean to keep thousands of creatures from around the globe alive? Is it possible for the whole system really be controlled from the engineer’s home using an iPad?

Come behind the scenes into the engine room, get answers and immerse yourself in a world of high-tech aquarium technique when the Den Blå Planet/National Aquarium Denmark storytellers dissect aquarium organism arteries that pumps life into Amager’s large 6-star fish hotel.
Book an exclusive group tour with focus on technology and experience the Den Blå Planet/National Aquarium Denmark as “an open clockwork.”

Note: This guided tour is available in English and Danish.

Contact and booking
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