Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Den Blå Planet/National Aquarium Denmark is northern Europe’s most modern and spectacular aquarium. On the Sound coast is the aquarium and glinting in the sun as a fossil from the future. The exhibition alone takes up 5,000 m2 – but behind the aquariums there are quarantine tanks, engineering hallways, feed bridges and gigantic filter, a normal visit reveals only half of Den Blå Planet/National Aquarium Denmark’s sunken treasures.

Now you can go behind the scenes, down into the basement and around the aquarium’s best-kept secrets. A well-trained guide will guide you through the labyrinthine water world and introduce you to all the animals that due to research or lack of space enjoy a secluded life in the aquarium’s hidden halls.

A guided group tour behind the scenes will surprise and enrich your visit. It will take your breath away.

Note: This guided tour is offered in Danish, English and German.

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