Become a National Aquarium Denmark sponsor and boost your profile

A partnership with the National Aquarium Denmark comes with countless opportunities for your employees, customers, partners and many more. We provide the setting for an unforgettable experience and welcome you as part of our house.

A partnership with the National Aquarium Denmark builds bridges between the business community and the aquatic world. We strengthen your profile and promote your company at the aquarium and on our relevant platforms.

Sponsoring the National Aquarium Denmark has given us the opportunity to underpin our own profile in relation to supporting projects that protect nature.”
– Lasse Uldahl, Danhostel, sponsor since 2013

Become a nature ambassador

A partnership with the National Aquarium Denmark makes a difference. You are supporting research and nature conservancy, as well as helping to improve conditions for aquatic life.
You can support the fight against plastic in the world’s oceans, follow the example of the insurance company Gjensidige and support the giant Pacific octopus or sponsor the blacktip reef shark like Opel.

Customise your agreement

We can meet all your requirements with a customised agreement, allowing you to make the most of your partnership with the National Aquarium Denmark.

We offer:
• Season passes
• Sponsor tickets
• 10% discount at TANG Bistro & Café
• Tours
• Use of our auditorium, Ocean Tank & TANG Bistro & Café
• Sponsor events
• Network meetings
• Lectures

“Our sponsorship gives us access to a range of activities across business areas and customer segments.”
– Susan Blindbæk, Gjensidige, sponsor since 2013

Beautiful and easily accessible location

Situated on the Øresund, 600 metres from the Metro and just a few minutes from Copenhagen Airport, we offer a beautiful and architecturally unique setting.

Use the National Aquarium Denmark’s facilities for:

• Board meetings
• Customer meetings
• Conferences
• Staff events

Sponsorships can be customised to meet your needs.

We offer five different sponsorships: