New exhibition: The Coral Reef

Look forward to an informative, yet fun day at Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark. As well as encountering hammerhead sharks, rays and sea otters, you can now see a new special exhibition about the coral reef.

Help the fish on the coral reef to avoid the shark’s ferocious jaws

Concealed beneath the surface of the ocean, the coral reef teems with life. Even though the coral reefs cover take up less than 1% of the ocean’s surface, they form the habitat for 25% of all marine life.

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Experiences in the deep

The National Aquarium Denmark is northern Europe’s largest aquarium, offering a round-the-world journey under the sea for children and adults alike. Experience thousands of fish and sea creatures up close in 48 aquariums containing a total of 7 million litres of water. There are shows and fantastic storytelling throughout the day, and our staff always provide a high level of service. And after exploring our vast sea of experiences, you just might go home feeling like 8-year-old Ophelia, who said: “I’ll never get tired of hammerhead sharks, Mummy.”

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Is coral a plant or an animal?

Corals are often mistakenly believed to be rocks or plants, but they are actually made up of minute creatures known as ‘coral polyps’. So ‘coral’ refers to these tiny creatures and the skeletons they leave behind when they die.

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The coral reef exhibition has received generous support from:

  • Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond
  • Augustinus Fonden
  • Beckett Fonden
  • Louis Petersens Legat
  • Toyota Fonden

Close encounter with the sea otters

Nothing melts your heart like a hungry sea otter with his head cocked to one side, whiskers wiggling and paws outstretched expectantly.

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Close encounter with sea turtle

Your heart may just skip a beat when you experience the beautyful sea turtle up close in the giant Ocean aquarium.

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