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European perch

European perch

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Round goby

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Crucian carp

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Three-spined stickleback

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Danube crayfish

Danube crayfish

European perch

European perch


LatinPerca fluviatilis
Size60 cm
FoodFish, insects and small crustaceans
HabitatLakes, ponds and rivers. Also found in brackish water along coastlines

Least concern

Not endangered in nature

LocationEurope and Siberia

The European perch's beautiful colours

The European perch is beautiful. Its fins are red-orange, and its body is green with dark vertical stripes. The European perch's vertical stripes enable it to blend in among the aquatic plants and make it difficult for predators to see it.

Taste changes with age

The European perch is not fussy about its food and swallows its prey whole. It goes after the largest prey possible. The European perch doesn't like to waste time on hunting small animals, but the size of its mouth sets limits on what it can swallow. For this reason, the European perch eats some types of animals as an adult and others when it is young.

Eggs in ribbons

The female lays her eggs in long white ribbons that hang from plants, branches and stones. These ribbons can contain between 1000-200,000 eggs. The female is often pursued by several males, all of whom want to fertilise the eggs.

Catch a European perch

You can catch European perch in almost any lake in Denmark. Attach a natural bait, such as a worm, to a hook. The European perch is lively and will bite almost any bait. It's also a very tasty fish with great flavour and it is easy to fillet.

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