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Longspine snipefish

Longspine snipefish

Fish-eating anemone

Fish-eating anemone

Plumose sea anemone

Plumose sea anemone

Giant green anemone

Giant green anemone

Fish-eating anemone

Fish-eating anemone


LatinUrticina piscivora
Size10 cm
FoodFish and small crustaceans
HabitatRocky reef

Not evaluated

LocationPacific ocean

Eats fish

The fish-eating anemone feeds primarily on fish. With its strong tentacles it catches small fish and prawns. Although the fish-eating anemone can grow to up to 10 cm in diameter, fish and prawns are still a big catch for an animal this size.

Protects the greenling

Inside the fish-eating anemone lives a small fish called a greenling. The fish-eating anemone protects the greenling from predators.