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Longspine snipefish

Longspine snipefish

Fish-eating anemone

Fish-eating anemone

Plumose sea anemone

Plumose sea anemone

Giant green anemone

Giant green anemone

Giant green anemone

Giant green anemone


LatinAnthopleura xanthogrammica
Size18 cm
FoodSunlight and fish
HabitatRocky shorelines

Not evaluated

LocationPacific Ocean

A good relationship

The giant green anemone is an animal. It has a special relationship to an algae that lives in the epidermis and tissue of the giant green anemone. Both the giant green anemone and the algae benefit from their symbiotic relationship. The anemone protects the algae from snails, and the anemone receives extra nutrition from the algae.

Colour controlled by the light

The giant green anemone is large and entirely green in colour. The algae in the giant green anemone's epidermis and tissue is what provides its colour. When there is sufficient sunlight, the algae grows and the giant green anemone turns very green. When the anemone lives in more shady areas, algae growth is inhibited. Then the giant green anemone is not quite so colourful.