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Blackspotted puffer

Blackspotted puffer

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Jeweled rockskipper blenny

Jeweled rockskipper blenny


LatinSalarias fasciatus
Size14 cm
FoodAlgae growing on rocks
HabitatTropical reefs

Least concern

LocationRed Sea and tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean

Bushy ‘eyebrows’

The jewelled blenny is easily recognisable. It has large eyes high up on its head so it can keep an eye on what is going on above it. Above the eyes are two bifurcated skin flaps, which can easily be mistaken for eyebrows.

Guards the area

You often see the jewelled blenny lying on the ocean floor on a rock, keeping an eye on other creatures. It guards its territory, when it is not swimming around above the rocks, scraping off algae with its special teeth.

Conceals the eggs

After the jewelled blenny has mated, it lays the eggs under hard things such as seashells or even a soft drink can that has strayed into the ocean. This is where the male protects the eggs until they hatch.


The jewelled blenny feeds on algae growing on the hard surfaces of the coral reef. Using their small sharp teeth, they scrape off the algae. That means they serve as little lawnmowers in our aquarium and keep down the amount of algae.

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