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Longspine snipefish

Longspine snipefish

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Fish-eating anemone

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Giant green anemone

Yelloweye rockfish

Yelloweye rockfish


LatinSebastes ruberrimus
Size104 cm
FoodFish, small crustaceans and benthic animals
HabitatReefs down to 500 m depth

Not evaluated

LocationEastern Pacific

Get to know the yelloweye rockfish

The yelloweye rockfish can become over 1 meter long and weigh 18 kg. Its name derives from the yellow colour of its eyes.

Colour varies with age

The yelloweye rockfish can live to up to 120 years. It is one of the world's longest-lived fish species. As they grow older, they change colour. They are red when young, light orange as adults and pale yellow in old age.