The Deep Sea

A special exhibition on the deepest secrets of the sea.

Discover the deepest secrets of the sea

Did you know that 12 people have walked on the moon, but only three have been to the very bottom of the sea? In 1960, Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh were the first to reach the deep seabed – nearly 10 years before Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. Since then, only one person has been to the deepest place on Earth, at a depth of nearly 11 kilometres.

The crushing pressure and immense darkness makes it an inhospitable and unforgiving place, and it was once thought that nothing could live that deep underwater. But there is life everywhere. The deepest trenches in the sea are home to the most spectacular creatures, which are perfectly adapted to the extreme challenges of life in the deep sea.

“The Deep Sea” – a special exhibition on the deepest secrets of the sea – gives you an up-close look at the anglerfish with its huge teeth, the black dragon fish, which uses a red light as a secret lantern when hunting, and the giant squid, which can be up to 13 metres long and has eyes the size of basketballs.

You can see unique footage filmed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the USA, see how the pressure of the deep sea affects humans and watch the National Aquarium Denmark’s storytellers battle over who can tell the wildest true stories from the deep sea – and you get to help choose the winner.

The young and the young at heart can play in a model of a deep-sea submersible, participate in the National Aquarium Denmark’s children’s theatre with a new, secret deep-sea dweller, get a temporary tattoo of a squid on their arm, draw and paint in our workshop or go on a treasure hunt for the wildest deep-sea creatures in the exhibition.

This special exhibition will run from 1 July to 27 August 2017.

Dangerous and uncharted territory

Only three people have been to the bottom of the deep sea.

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Treasure hunt and face painting

Find the answers to the riddles and and have your face painted.

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Flashing lights and giant teeth

How do creatures adapt to a world without light?

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Giant isopods and creepy crabs

See real-life deep-sea creatures that are as spectacular as they are bizarre.

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Creative workshop and submersible exploration

Paint your own deep-sea creatures and play in a submersible.

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Children under 3 are free


In addition to the special exhibition, we offer plenty of other things to see and do. You can go on our Seal Safari, enjoy a nice summer’s day on the water playground, get up close and personal with sea otters and hammerheads or observe one of our daily dissections, feedings or storytelling sessions among thousands of fish and sea creatures. All guaranteed to set your heart beating for the wonderful world of aquatic life.


This exhibition is sponsored by:

Knud Højgaard Foundation
Augustinus Foundation
Hempel Foundation
Beckett Foundation